Mrs. Cow

Mrs. Cow has the kindest heart in the Sarvagnan family. She is very gentle, loving and helpful. She is the neighbourhood do-gooder.


Piggy is the little Miss Propah in the Sarvagnan family. She always tries to be correct in everything.

Uncle Peng

Uncle Peng is the jovial one in the Sarvagnan family. He is ready for anything - from jokes and games to picnics and parties. He is everyone's favourite, but his favourite is Petu.


Petu is the clown in the Sarvagnan family. As his name suggests, he is very fond of food. He is also fond of practical jokes.


Bowbow is the naughty one in the Sarvagnan family. Very fond of sports, he is Miss Kitty's good friend.


Teddy is the simple one in the Sarvagnan Family. Not very clever, She tries to be nice to all.

Miss Kitty

Miss Kitty is the little lady in the Sarvagnan Family. She is very dainty and always dressed well. Fond of dancing, Bowbow is her good friend.


King is the most dignified member of the Sarvagnan Family. He is brave, polite, but a little aloof.