What to cook for the day?
What will be nutritious?
What will be different but delicious?

This site of memorable recipes from Palakkad
has the perfect answer to these everyday questions.

Palakkad is a district in Kerala bordering Tamil Nadu.
The ethnic mix of language, customs and communities which characterises this beautiful, verdant region, extends to its cuisine, which is a delicious blend of Tamilian and Keralite cooking.

Exclusively vegetarian, Palakkad cuisine excels in its
endless variety of vegetable dishes, different dals,
savoury snacks, pickles, vadis, raitas and sweets.
The dishes are easy to cook while being highly
nutritious. Southern delights is your guide to over
150 recipes, presented with method and flair.

At south Indian weddings, the food is served on
banana leaves – each item is placed on it until they
form an incomparable feast. This compilation is like
the richly – laden banana leaf.